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  • CP-31 Purple

    CP-31 Purple Wah/VOL Effect pedal


    This is the updated version of the black Wah/VOL Effect pedal.

    The Hot Spice is a great sounding Wah Pedal from Caline which will let you get those classic funky wah tones. It's incredibly easy to manipulate with your foot to get the exact wah tones you want. The great think about this pedal is its small footprint. It's a similar size to a standard guitar pedal so doesn't take up too much space on your pedal board.

    Press the footswitch, you can activate the volume mode. With this the pedal functions like a standard volume pedal. You can dictate the minimum volume with the volume control on the side of the pedal.

    There's a switch which controls the power on/off.  The pedal feels incredibly well constructed and durable. It's true bypass and runs off a 9v power supply.



    1. Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative

    2. Current consumption: 15mA

    3. Product Dimensions: 13.5x7.0x5.5cm

    4. Weight:0.38kgs


    Packaging information:

    1. Dimensions of single box: 15x7.4x5.8cm

    2. QTY / CTN: 30PCS

    3. Dimensions of Carton:30.5*15.5*31.5

    4. Weight /CTN: 8kgs



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