CB-106 Portable Pedalboard
update time : 2019-11-13 10:37
This is an original design by Caline: 
1.It has 2 easy to assemble main sections and 2 side supports to complete a robust and stable construction. 
2.Small but still able to accommodate up to 8 standard effect pedals and a power brick.  
3.This clever design has a special bracket for the power supply which is located on the underside of the board. 
4.Each board comes complete with a padded carrying bag to hold the assembled board and loaded pedals.  
The CB-106 is made from a coated and hardened aluminium alloy for it's light weight, strength, and to help protect against ware and tare scratches.
1.Portable pedalboard
2.Pure aluminum alloy, light-weight, very easy to carry
3.Item Dimension:35 x 28 x 4.5cm  
4.Item Weight: 1.14kg 
5.Package dimension: 42.5 x 21.5 x 12cm 
6.Package weight: 2.01kg
Package includes:
7 parts of the padalboard
1 soft bag 
8 pcs of screws
1 pcs of wrench tool
3 pairs of adhesive backed hook-and-loop for securing pedals

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