Caline Technology located in Shenzhen City,it is a professional electronics company specializing in Research & Development ,manufacturing and marketing digital products. 

The most popular products of Caline are world wide recogonised high quality Power Supplies and impressive sounding Effects Pedals.Caline &Scuru are two brands under Caline. 

Our main products include: Effects Pedals,Wah Pedals ,Tuners ,Portable Power Supplies,Isolated PowerSupplies,Tuner Powers ,Pedal boards ,Amplifiers, Guitar Straps,Wireless Audi etc. 

We have the best & professional design team devoted to R&D of more innovative products to benefit and enhance the performance of the world talented musicians. 

All of us aim at providing the best products and services ! 

Caline products now are well known and used by professional and enthusiastic musician all over the world,you are welcome to contact us and make OEM & ODM orders.

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