P1 Power supply

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•Bright Blue LED For Pedal Board Lighting & Short Circuit Indicate

•Short Circuit/Overcurrent Protected, short circuit in one channel won't affect other channels' function

•Could supply for 9V,12V,15V and 18V guitar effects

•High-power pedal power supply

•8 high power outlets

•Outputs:   5x 9V,  500mA

               1x 18V, 1000mA

Switchable outputs:

              1x 12V-9V,  1000mA

              1x 15V-9V,  1000mA

Input:18v 2A 36W

Material: Aluminum alloy housing 

Item size:16*5*3cm 

Item weight: 0.22

Package includes: 

1 x Power Supply 

1 x Power Adapter 

8 x Power Cables 

1 x Polarity Reversal Cable 

1 x User Manual

Package size: 18.8*12.5*5.9cm  Package weight: 0.58kg