Caline CB-108 Creactive Pedalboard with Power Supply!

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The uniquely designed Pedalboard includes a built in power supply to allow easy and tidy connection to the pedal chain. The power supply is fitted neatly on the front underside of the pedalboard to allow cable access. The power supply unit can be removed from the pedalboard if required. The Pedalboard is a sturdy and lightweight construction and includes a padded gigbag for safe and easy transportation

The power supply has 10 outputs for powering a variety of different effects including Drum effect, multi effect and digital delay pedals.

The Circuit has anti-ground noise and anti-interference treatment, to give you a 100% clear sound.

Each output is independent and with short circuit protection which is indicated by the LED lights.

When it is giving power the light is on, If a circuit failure occurs the light will go out.

10 Outputs:

5 outputs 9V DC @ 100mA

2 outputs 9V DC @ 300mA

1 output 9V DC @ 500mA

1 output 12V DC @ 300mA

1 output 18V DC @ 100mA

Input: 18V 1A

USB port for mobile phone charging. DI with AUX function, allows connection to a play-along device like a smartphone or MP3. A sound consol can be connected via 6.35mm outlet.


1. Unique Design: Pedalboard With built-in power supply 

2. Innovative: Power supply can be removed from the pedalboard if required. 

3. Good for travellig: Sturdy & light-weighted construction, include a gigbag. 

4. 10 outputs power supply

5. With a USB port

Size: 69.8*36.2*13.2CM

Weight: 4.7KG